Procedure to Perform BKF File Database Repair

The back-to-back steps to Repair BKF File using BKF Recovery software are explained below:

STEP ONE: Go to: Start / Programs / BKF Recovery


STEP THREE: Select the required corrupted backup file and click "Open"

STEP FOUR: BKF file and its contents now come into your view. On the left side of the window will be the folder hierarchy in the tree structure and on the right side, you can see the contents of every file contained inside the selected BKF

STEP FIVE: The following window displays the loading progress for the selected BKF file.

STEP SIX: For extracting any particular file, right click on it and then select 'Extract File' option. You can also extract the whole folder by right clicking on the folder from the left tree hierarchy and then clicking 'Extract Folder' option. You can also use the 'Extract' button and 'Extract Selected' button present on the standard toolbar for extracting and saving required files & folders.

STEP SEVEN: On clicking the extract option, you will be asked to select specific location to save recovered contents. Browse the location. On selecting it, the final process of saving BKF files & folders will start.

Go on to Load Next BKF File (If Required)

Open Recovered Files and Folders

Now, comes your favorite part, where you finally get what you wanted; your backup data back! To open recovered files & folders extracted from the corrupted BKF files, navigate the location that you selected in the seventh step of the recovery process. Double click on the file and open it using respective application.